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Food Allergies, Food Sensitivities and Food Intolerances 101

Severe food allergies might be a bit easier to pinpoint even without the elimination diet, but a more subtle food allergy, a food intolerance, or the delayed IgG-mediated response that you get with a food sensitivity can make it almost impossible to know for sure which food is causing your symptoms.

What is an Elimination Diet?

An elimination diet is a very effective approach that allows you to find out exactly which foods you have allergies, sensitivities, and/or intolerances to through the process of the elimination and reintroduction of certain “suspicious” pro-inflammatory foods. The idea is to give your body a few weeks to heal from the constant inflammatory response that some of these foods might be triggering in your digestive system.

5 Benefits of a Coffee Detox

Quitting coffee through a coffee detox can make you feel less anxious, less nervous and less jittery. It is an easy way to reduce stress and improve your mood.

9 Ways Yoga Helps with Autoimmune Disease

It has been proven that yoga is an excellent method to transform the body and mind. Because of this, yoga makes an excellent practice for those suffering from an autoimmune disease, as it concentrates on restoring the function and performance of the body and mind.

How to Tap Into the Power of MINDFULNESS Meditation

Mindfulness is a way of being, thinking, and living in the moment. If you are eating a meal, you are focused only on what you are eating, including the textures, flavors, and sensations. You aren’t watching TV or thinking about your budget meeting. You only focus on your meal. This practice can also be used with meditation.


There is a profound connection between the stress of everyday life and autoimmune diseases. Stress is a major threat and the harbinger of many medical conditions, including autoimmune disease.

The stress-reducing hormone cortisol is triggered when your mind senses stress. The production of this hormone decelerates when your stress becomes out of bounds. This has an impact on your immune system which becomes vulnerable to autoimmune flares due to the imbalance of these hormones. It is important to have regular, stress-relieving sessions as a part of the autoimmune disease treatment.

Dealing with autoimmune disease as a part of everyday life can be stressful, but it does not have to be.  Utilize this Stress Self-Care Video Resource Library as a part of your Autoimmune Self-Care Toolbox in order to help prevent or minimize the intensity and duration of your autoimmune flares.

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