Nothing beats a goal when you want to get things done. But setting intentions goes way deeper than that: it’s a powerful tool to boost your inner strength. And if you’re determined to grow through your actions, then an intention could be the key to unlocking a lifelong habit of excellence.

Goals vs Intentions

Goals or intentions? What is the difference?

Goal: “An aim or desired result”. Simply put, it is what you concretely achieve.
Intention: “Something that you want and plan to do”.  In essence, it is the process you go through until you get to “what you concretely achieve”.

Here is an example of what this looks like.


I’ll say it again, goals are great for getting things done. But I know human nature well enough to tell you that they can be a trap. A trap where you focus so much on the outcome that you ignore the journey, its lessons, and the joy of going through it. That’s why I think setting intentions is the way to achieve your goals.

Imagine every day and opportunity to soar at the highest vibration. Set your intentions high.

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If you want to eat healthy today, do it. If you want to exercise today, then do it. Too often we say we will accomplish our goals tomorrow, but what if we stopped saying tomorrow and said yes to today.

Let Go of What is Not Serving You

One way to focus on today is to let go of what is pulling you down.  Start the new year with a new perspective. Get a journal and write down what you want for the upcoming year. Then I want you to create a vision board.

How To Kickstart Your Journaling Routine

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a simple and fun way for you to manifest all the dreams you have for yourself and your life. A vision board is made from pictures cut from magazines, printed images from the Internet, and/or photographs from your own life that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Any image that moves and inspires you toward your goal belongs on your vision board.  You will gather these visuals and display them together.

Your vision board will be your personal reminder that YOU create the blueprint for your life, and you do it daily. Vision boards are a great way to keep yourself focused and directed towards a purpose while satisfying your creative bug.

Here is an easy way to make a simple vision board and start working toward your goals today!

1. Make your intentions clear It is important to identify what your goals and intentions are first; that is, what do you want to achieve and how do you see yourself getting there? What kind of feelings do you expect to encounter along the way, and how will you feel when you have accomplished it? Be sure of what you want and write it down.

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2. Collect the required supplies Many of the supplies you need for your vision board you may have just lying around the house.

  • Blank art book or Posterboard
  • Glue or pins
  • Markers, pens, and paints
  • Colorful or plain paper
  • Magazines, newspapers, books that can be cut up, and journals
  • Scissors

3. Create space and an ambient environment It is important to create a comfortable and open space to make your board. You want to be able to spread out and see everything that you have, like on the floor or a big table. You can also create an ambient environment by playing some of your favorite music and lighting some candles to relax and tap into your positive energies.

4. Choose your images and words wisely Use words and images to which you can easily relate and that will help motivate you toward your goal. You can cut out the images from magazines and newspapers or use some of your own photos. All of them should be appealing and attractive to you in one way or the other.

5. Paste them Go through the images and words you chose, select your favorites, and paste them on the board or sheet in a way that reflects your feelings and intentions. Before pasting them try to arrange them in the way that you want, and then attach them. Never choose images or words that may have a negative impact on your feelings or make you feel unmotivated about your goals.

6. Place your vision board where you can see it often Your vision board should serve as a reminder for you, so you should place or hang it somewhere visible where you can easily connect to it. Your bedroom or bathroom mirror is a great place, or in your kitchen.

7. Notice and HEAL Note your feelings when you look at your board when you think about working toward and reaching your goal. Note any resistance or negative feelings; work to find the underlying reasons and resolve them as you journey toward your goal. Vision boards do not have to be big or time-intensive. Make one today for a goal you have been aiming for and see how it can help you get where you want to be in life.

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