Seasonal Detoxing

Seasonal Detoxing

Seasonal Detox Program

Seasonal transitions are an important part of life, but we’ve now become largely disconnected from the natural world—that’s why a long walk in the woods, going to the beach, or simply looking at the stars can be so rewarding. Connecting with nature is a vital factor for mental, emotional, and physical health, and numerous studies substantiate these relation­ships. 


Eastern philosophies emphasize the vast intercon­nections between the natural world and daily life. In our modern society, we need this connection more than ever.

This is where a well-planned seasonal cleanse can make a difference. Sched­uling a gentle detoxification program around the seasonal transitions offers us an opportunity to remove harmful toxins that sabotage health. A seasonal detox can also restore natural vitality by emphasizing a diet of whole, unpro­cessed foods straight from Mother Nature. It can help reset the rhythms of our digestive system, sleep patterns, and more. In essence, a seasonal cleanse helps harmonize us with the rhythms of the natural world for greater long-term wellness.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) associates each season with different organ systems, emotions, and other elements:

  • Winter corresponds to kidneys, bones, and bladder.
  • Spring, a time of renewed growth and vitality, is associated with the liver and gallbladder.
  • Summer, a time when we’re more active with warmer weather and longer days, influences the cardiovascular system and heart health.
  • Fall relates to the lungs and large intestines. During the fall we start to let go to conserve more energy during the winter.

There are many excellent reasons to engage in seasonal detox. By cleansing our bodies, we increase energy, enhance digestion, improve immunity, and take an important step toward preventing disease. Of course, the body has many systems to remove toxins—including the lungs, immune system, skin, kidneys, liver, and GI tract—but they can’t always keep up with the toxic load. In addition, many heavy metals and fat-soluble chemicals resist removal, accumulating in joints, organs, breast tissue, the nervous system, and other critical areas.

We feel this toxic buildup in a number of ways: allergies, digestive and immune problems, poor sleep, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and more. It’s easy to ascribe these conditions to stress and overscheduled lives, and certainly they are factors, but that’s no reason to accept these symptoms.

The first rule of any detox program is to stop eating pro-inflammatory foods. Eliminate processed foods and any meals in a box or a can—in other words, anything that’s prepackaged and filled with ingredients that can’t be pronounced. Alcohol, caffeine, trans-fats, charred meats, and sugar are also inflammatory. Try to replace animal protein with high-quality plant proteins, such as sprouted legumes, grains, raw nuts, and seeds as these are much more detoxifying. Drink lots of water. Chronic dehydration makes us sluggish and constipated and impairs the body’s ability to flush out toxins.

Changing our habits may be the most difficult part of any health regimen. But that’s exactly what we have to do during a cleanse: blaze a new path at the grocery store.

My Clean Eating Detox Programs are designed to help you easily navigate this process with success.  The detoxes are held quarterly and are designed to guide you through the seasonal detox process step-by-step.  Check out the current detox program and contact me with any questions that you have at [email protected]

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What People Are Saying!

Maria M., 1-on-1 Client Program

Jamie helped me with several areas of concern, stress, fatigue, and autoimmune disease. She worked with me on how to eat for autoimmune disease as well as how to better manage stress.  I am very grateful to have worked with Jamie, she has definitely helped me feel better about myself and hopeful about the future.

Maria M.

1-on-1 Client Program

Raquel O, Detox Program

Before I started the program, I primarily struggled with weight gain, fatigue and low self-esteem. During the program, I learned that I can eat healthy, but still have what I want sometimes. I have been able to make lasting changes that don’t seem impossible to maintain

Raquel O

Detox Program

Y. Harris, Detox Program

My ah-ha moment was learning more about the importance of eating seasonally to nourish your body optimally. Working with Jamie was a very positive experience. She is a committed professional who truly cares about her clients. I have recommended her to everyone in my circle.

Y. Harris

Detox Program

Sarah B., 1-on-1 Client Program

My main goal when I began working with Jamie was to work through my fatigue and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis symptoms. I wasn’t finding any hope with doctors and I needed help navigating through other options. What helped me the most was learning how to be more proactive in working with my doctor by taking control of my care, getting proper lab tests, being prepared with questions to ask my doctor and keeping all of my records.

Sarah B.

1-on-1 Client Program