One-Time Thyroid Consult

One-Time Thyroid Consult

Exhausted, Moody, Gaining Weight?

You May Have a Thyroid Issue

  • Have you been diagnosed with thyroid disease or Autoimmune issues related to thyroid like Hashimotos or Graves?
  • Are you on medication currently but not feeling better?
  •  Has your doctor refused to change your medication because “your labs are normal”?
  • Do you feel like something else is going on besides just thyroid issues?
  • Are you suffering from: fatigue, cold hands and feet, hair falling out, inability to lose weight or hit a plateau?

Your Thyroid Impacts Every Organ in Your Body

Don’t you think it’s time to make sure you are taking care of it?

If you’ve gone to the doctor and you have complained about multiple symptoms including heart palpitations, mood swings, weight gain and more, but have come out without an answer – Thyroid may be the Key.

Not many know this. And truly in this age of technology and information, sometimes you have to be your own advocate. Doctors sometimes will give you a passing grade without doing extensive testing on your thyroid.

Health is not a game. And you know this because you are probably suffering from exhausting symptoms that do not let you live a fulfilling life. You diet, you exercise, but you are still gaining weight – You’ve tried everything under the sun and you are still not getting anywhere.


Why is Your Thyroid So Important?

One of the most important parts of the endocrine system is the thyroid.

The thyroid impacts virtually every organ in the body. The thyroid’s main job is to regulate heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, but it also impacts things like weight, fertility, menstruation, skin tone, energy levels, sleep, memory, and digestion. So, as you can see, when the thyroid isn’t functioning optimally, then neither is the rest of the body!

Do You Know Your Thyroid Story?

The first place to start is to understand what type of thyroid disease you have. Many women I talk to know they have a thyroid problem, but they do not know what kind of problem they are having. Here is the deal my beautiful friend, you cannot fix your problems unless you know what they are. Right?  

Here’s what you need to know; research shows 90% of adult thyroid disease is autoimmune related.  If you are one of the 90%, that means your thyroid is not the problem, your immune system is!

In autoimmune thyroid disease, the body’s immune system creates antibodies that attack the thyroid. Autoimmunity causes inflammation, cell damage, and significant injury to the thyroid.  When the thyroid is under constant attack, your metabolism and hormones are out of whack. If your metabolism is a hot mess, you can diet, take pills and drink weight-loss shakes all you want – you won’t be able to shed the weight.  Does this make sense?

You might be wondering right about now “How do I know if I have autoimmune thyroid disease?” If you are unsure of the kind of thyroid disease you have, you should speak to your doctor. Ask your doctor if he checked for anti-thyroid antibodies.  If your doctor did not check for antibodies, let your doctor know you would like to be tested to rule out autoimmunity. If your doctor refuses your request, we can discuss other options to get tested. The two tests you should ask for are TPO and TgAb.

Antibody testing is the only way to confirm autoimmune thyroid disease. Regardless of the type of thyroid disease you have, working with a Health Coach will help you move in the right direction without all of the pitfalls of going at it alone. 

Regardless of the Type of Thyroid Disease You Have,

…working with a Health Coach will help you move in the right direction without all of the pitfalls of going at it alone. 

Regardless of the Type of Thyroid Disease You Have,

…working with a Health Coach will help you move in the right direction without all of the pitfalls of going at it alone. 

Get Ready to Get Rid of Those Frustrating and Burdensome Symptoms Once and For All!
Listen, I’ve been there. Frustrated and anxious. I dreaded the scale, dreaded the summer and was extremely depressed all the time. Sometimes I was frustrated by the fact that my body just couldn’t heal for some reason. No matter what I tried.

What I found was that I needed a combination of tools to get myself where I needed to be. I want to share these tools with you.


How Does It Work?

After filling out my Thyroid Questionnaire, we will conduct our 1-hour Thyroid session to discuss your personalized recommendations and provide you with my comprehensive Thyroid 101 PDF Guide that includes the following information and so much more:

  • What and where is the thyroid
  • What are the common (and uncommon) symptoms of thyroid disease
  • What labs do you need and the resources to interpret them (surprise…the TSH is not the gold standard anymore!)
  • What kind of medication is available
  • How to find a doctor to work with you
  • What food and lifestyle is best for someone with thyroid issues
  • Information on adrenal health and sex hormones
  • What role stress, sleep, exercise and medication play in thyroid health

But That’s Not All!

You will also my 5-Day Thyroid Meal Guide that will give you the jumpstart you need on your journey to better thyroid health.  Not only will you get 5 days of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, you will  receive a convient grocery shopping list to help you get all of the items you need, plus a food journal to help you track how you feel with the changes you are implementing.

So, I know you are asking…..
How Do I Get Started?

So, I know you are asking…..
How Do I Get Started?

It’s Simple!  Just click below to book your Thyroid Consult Session.  At the time that you book, you will fill out your Thyroid Consult Intake Form in detail at least 5 business days prior to your appointment. Once I receive your form, I will review it prior to our call. From your detailed intake form, we will discuss the findings, discuss them, and go over a suggested plan-of-action to follow.

Ready to Get Started on Your Path to Better Health?

Ready to Get Started on Your Path to Better Health?


What People Are Saying!

Maria M., 1-on-1 Client Program

Jamie helped me with several areas of concern, stress, fatigue, and autoimmune disease. She worked with me on how to eat for autoimmune disease as well as how to better manage stress.  I am very grateful to have worked with Jamie, she has definitely helped me feel better about myself and hopeful about the future.

Maria M.

1-on-1 Client Program

Raquel O, Detox Program

Before I started the program, I primarily struggled with weight gain, fatigue and low self-esteem. During the program, I learned that I can eat healthy, but still have what I want sometimes. I have been able to make lasting changes that don’t seem impossible to maintain

Raquel O

Detox Program

Y. Harris, Detox Program

My ah-ha moment was learning more about the importance of eating seasonally to nourish your body optimally. Working with Jamie was a very positive experience. She is a committed professional who truly cares about her clients. I have recommended her to everyone in my circle.

Y. Harris

Detox Program

Sarah B., 1-on-1 Client Program

My main goal when I began working with Jamie was to work through my fatigue and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis symptoms. I wasn’t finding any hope with doctors and I needed help navigating through other options. What helped me the most was learning how to be more proactive in working with my doctor by taking control of my care, getting proper lab tests, being prepared with questions to ask my doctor and keeping all of my records.

Sarah B.

1-on-1 Client Program







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