Corporate and Community Wellness

Corporate and Community Wellness

Corporate and Community HEALTHY EATING Presentations

Healthcare costs are currently estimated at $3,000 to $4,000 per employee each year. In addition, an estimated $18.2 billion in productivity is lost yearly due to employee health-related issues. Yet, studies show that 80 percent of all illness is preventable by adopting a healthier lifestyle.


Your people are your business. When they’re given accurate information and smart strategies to manage their own body’s nutritional needs, they’re empowered. They feel better, they think better, they perform better.

Extensive studies have shown that a corporate Wellness program can yield significant returns such as:

  • Employees take fewer sick days, seek medical attention less often and work more efficiently
  • Healthier employees have more energy and therefore are more productive and have improved job performance
  • Because your employees feel better physically and mentally, they have higher morale and are more engaged, resulting in better staff and client relations which leads to a more supportive and harmonious workplace
  • Improved business bottom line – reduced cost of your employees health benefits – decrease in productivity losses due to employees health problems or injuries

Investing a small amount to help keep your employees healthy and fit will greatly contribute to the success of your company. By providing a wellness coach who will teach, support and inspire your employees, you empower your company to take healthcare into its own hands by creating a happy, productive environment where everyone wins!

Does your company have a wellness initiative in place?  Or is your organization looking to offer health-focused talks?

I am available to come to your office, community center, school, organization and speak on a variety of health topics. I will put together a custom-tailored presentation that works for you and your organization.

My workshops are entertaining, informative and focus on realistic strategies and tips that the average person can use right away to improve his/her food choices and move towards optimal nutritional health.

What I offer can be as simple as a one-time presentation to a series of presentations or one-on-one consulting. It’s up to the needs and budget of the company.

A well implemented wellness initiative (even a simple offering of a wellness workshop) can be an excellent employee benefit and result in increased employee morale, enhanced performance and improved retention.

Corporate and Community ACTIVE LIVING Fitness Programs

Jamie Nicole provides a fun and engaging dance fitness class. It creates a perfect environment to bond with your co-workers or group members in a non-stressful environment while keeping fit!

Why Dance Fitness?
Dance Fitness should be your number one choice wellness programs. Dance Fitness workouts will  assist your employees or your group to get fit and healthy, have fun as well as foster a productive and positive environment.

The main objective of Dance Fitness as a corporate or community wellness program is to encourage a healthy setting wherein participants can dance their stress away. Dance Fitness classes are invigorating, fun and lively, but beware, they are also highly addictive! Before you know it, your workers will be hooked!

What is offered?
We can bring Dance Fitness classes into your company at any time and day. Be it a midday break, end-of-business-day session or a quarterly business event at the venue of your choice.

We offer Dance Fitness Classes for:

  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Company Events and Workshops
  • Product Launch
  • Team Building
  • Bonding Sessions

What You Need to Know

What is the duration of the class?
Dance Fitness sessions are an hour long beginning with a warm-up dance before the actual workout and ending with a cool-down routine and instruction.

What Do Participants Wear?
Participants can wear sporty attire such as comfortable t-shirts or tank tops and tights or any other compression apparel and rubber shoes that can allow them to dance and move with ease.

Where Can I hold my Dance Fitness Class?
Companies or Groups can select their own preferred venue or somewhere on-site be it a mass conference room, a gym studio or any empty room which can accommodate the number of participants who want  to have a fun and exciting workout.


What People Are Saying!

Maria M., 1-on-1 Client Program

Jamie helped me with several areas of concern, stress, fatigue, and autoimmune disease. She worked with me on how to eat for autoimmune disease as well as how to better manage stress.  I am very grateful to have worked with Jamie, she has definitely helped me feel better about myself and hopeful about the future.

Maria M.

1-on-1 Client Program

Raquel O, Detox Program

Before I started the program, I primarily struggled with weight gain, fatigue and low self-esteem. During the program, I learned that I can eat healthy, but still have what I want sometimes. I have been able to make lasting changes that don’t seem impossible to maintain

Raquel O

Detox Program

Y. Harris, Detox Program

My ah-ha moment was learning more about the importance of eating seasonally to nourish your body optimally. Working with Jamie was a very positive experience. She is a committed professional who truly cares about her clients. I have recommended her to everyone in my circle.

Y. Harris

Detox Program

Sarah B., 1-on-1 Client Program

My main goal when I began working with Jamie was to work through my fatigue and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis symptoms. I wasn’t finding any hope with doctors and I needed help navigating through other options. What helped me the most was learning how to be more proactive in working with my doctor by taking control of my care, getting proper lab tests, being prepared with questions to ask my doctor and keeping all of my records.

Sarah B.

1-on-1 Client Program