Does This Sound Like You?

Have you been at the mercy of symptoms like constant fatigue, bloating, joint pain or you have overwhelming feelings of depression or anxiety or are unable to lose weight not matter how hard you try?

Are you embarrassed when you make plans with friends & family, then cancel because you’re exhausted or sluggish for no reason you can identify? Have relationships been strained because others don’t understand how you feel and the impact it has had on your life?

Have you been to doctor after doctor who have ignored your symptoms and told you that how you feel is all in your head? Or have you gotten an official diagnosis from your doctor, are taking medication, but have yet to find relief from your symptoms or flares?

Does autoimmune disease run in your family, you have yet to be diagnosed, but you are starting to experience various symptoms without a known cause?

You’re Not Alone.

Your Body Might Be Under Assault From An Autoimmune Disease.

Autoimmune diseases are a family of more than 100 chronic, often incapacitating and, in many cases, life-threatening illnesses including Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, just to name a few. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 23.5 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease—and the prevalence is rising. 

Autoimmune disease often takes years to be properly diagnosed and even after diagnosis, without the proper nutrition and lifestyle support, sufferers often fail to find wellness solutions that help mitigate their flares without proper support. 

Everyone with autoimmune disease has different factors that triggers it, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the root cause for each person.  Without knowing the root cause or causes, it makes it that much harder to live with the disease.


I Know That it Will Because I am Just Like You

My own personal health journey started over twenty years ago.  I was tired, frustrated and confused. I was putting in the work. I was eating the right things (so I thought).  I was working out daily (as we had been told to do).  My calories in were less than my calories out, yet the movement on the scale was not commensurate with the effort that I was putting in.  I wanted to GIVE UP. 

At the time, I had managed to be promoted to upper management at my corporate job. I prided myself on my capacity to get the job done at work with excellence.  However, over time, my ability to perform at a high level declined.  The symptoms that I had, that at that time I didn’t know were related to autoimmune disease, started to take over my life.

I had a hard time with memory recall. I would space out.  It took three times as long to do things that I used to do with ease. I had become accustomed to downing coffee to help get me through projects and deadlines.  However, the effectiveness of this caffeinated “drug” began to lose its effectiveness, much like a band-aid that loses its grip on the wound you are trying to cover up until it is healed. 

At night, I would have a hard time getting to sleep.  My brain just wouldn’t cut off.  When I finally did fall off to sleep, I would often be awakened by debilitating acid reflux that would choke me awake out of my sleep. I would then be exhausted when I woke.  After multiple alarms and sometimes a few tears, I managed to gather myself enough to fake through my day yet again like everything was ok. 

As would be expected, my personal life started to be affected. I didn’t have the time or the energy to go out and do things that were fun.  I was working later because it took longer for me complete tasks during the day due to the brain fog and excessive daytime sleepiness.  On weekends, I would still be in catch up mode… and just exhausted.  I got cranky. I would snap at my family, my friends, or anyone that caught me at the wrong time on the wrong day.

This was one of the most frustrating periods of my life. I had hit a dead end with my attempts at getting better.  I felt as though my symptoms were holding me back from achieving my dreams and aspirations. I would often mourn the person that I thought I could have been if I did not have these debilitating symptoms holding me back.  

Luckily, I didn’t give up on myself. It took me at least ten doctors, fifteen years and thousands of dollars to receive an initial diagnosis of an autoimmune thyroid diseases called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and then four additional years until I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, a sleep disorder which is also immune related.  

After tons of research, lots of journaling and finally getting the right diagnosis, I was able to find the root cause of my health issues and create a plan of action for myself to reverse the symptoms.  I regained control of my body by learning what it needed in order for it to thrive.

I had to change my HABITS, by getting rid of the ones that were not conducive to autoimmune health and incorporate HABITS that would allow me to thrive and be the best version of myself in spite of having autoimmune disease. 

Because I understand from personal experience the challenges faced with autoimmune disease, I am able to guide others like me in creating a customized holistic plan that unlocks their freedom from being shackled to their disease. My signature Autoimmune Health Restoration System supplies the holistic wellness solution that helps autoimmune disease suffers reduce pain, improve energy, increase productivity, manage stress and experience lasting results.


The Autoimmune Health Restoration System is comprised of 3 distinct stages of progression:

RESTORATION - Recognize, Evaluate, Survey

Phase 1, The Dangers of Choice: A Holistic Review for those Living with Autoimmune Disease, is where the choices and behaviors that impact autoimmune health are reviewed. In this stage, you will complete various assessments designed to recognize wellness inefficiencies that interrupts your daily functionality, evaluate your wellness behaviors, and survey the effectiveness of your previous wellness efforts.

RESTORATION - Train, Optimize, Regulate, & Amend

Phase 2 is where you are guided through The Habitual Practice Autoimmune Health Program. In this stage, we implement a holistic approach that trains you to recognize optimal health versus deficiencies, optimizes behaviors that demonstrate positive reform, and regulate and amend lifestyle management techniques that impede optimal health.

The foundation of this Phase is the Autoimmune Protocol. The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet that teaches you how to identify the foods you love that help YOUR immune system, so that you feel healthier, happier, and are better able to manage your autoimmune disease.

In this Phase, we also begin to address the lifestyle habits of Sleep, Stress and Movement that are critical to optimal autoimmune health.

RESTORATION - Transform, Inspire, Operate, & Nurture

In the third Phase, The Autoimmune Wellness Circle, I guide you in transforming your old habits to a newly cultivated formula, which in-turn inspires you to operate with healthy intentions, not lose hope despite chronic health conditions, move forward, and nurture a lifestyle that produces lasting results by way of healthy eating and active living.

The Wellness Circle is our ongoing monthly membership-based mentoring & educational support with featured guest trainers. Here is where you continue the work from Phase 2 and then enter the Maintenance Phase of AIP. You will receive access to exclusive trainings on health-related topics that are critical to your autoimmune health journey, but cannot be covered fully in Phase 2.

Jamie Nicole

My vast sum of progressive health coach training, innovative teaching methods, and integrative experiences allows me to provide this highly formulated and valuable training and coaching via The Autoimmune Health Restoration Program for those with autoimmune disease at any stage of their wellness journey.

Through my experience in navigating my own RESTORATION program, I have:

  • more energy than I have had in years
  • less joint pain
  • no acid reflux
  • restful sleep
  • And a healthy gut that has helped with my overall wellness in a tremendous way that has been life-changing…..just to name a few

You deserve to live YOUR best life possible
in spite of your autoimmune disease.

That’s why I want to share The Autoimmune Health Restoration System. It’s designed to help people like you take better control of their autoimmune disease using the best of MY successes with the AIP and my training as a certified autoimmune coach.

Let me help you take back your LIFE so that you can finally figure out what optimal health looks like for you and how to remain in that place of health and vitality.

The Autoimmune Health Restoration System help you identify exactly which foods choices and lifestyle habits are giving you the symptoms that are ruining your life. You’ll build a nourishing group of foods and lifestyle habits that make you feel strong and healthy and restore a sense of hope of a better quality of life.

I support you every step of the way. You deserve to live a life of freedom from your symptoms!


What People Are Saying!

Maria M., 1-on-1 Client Program

Jamie helped me with several areas of concern, stress, fatigue, and autoimmune disease. She worked with me on how to eat for autoimmune disease as well as how to better manage stress.  I am very grateful to have worked with Jamie, she has definitely helped me feel better about myself and hopeful about the future.

Maria M.

1-on-1 Client Program

Raquel O, Detox Program

Before I started the program, I primarily struggled with weight gain, fatigue and low self-esteem. During the program, I learned that I can eat healthy, but still have what I want sometimes. I have been able to make lasting changes that don’t seem impossible to maintain

Raquel O

Detox Program

Y. Harris, Detox Program

My ah-ha moment was learning more about the importance of eating seasonally to nourish your body optimally. Working with Jamie was a very positive experience. She is a committed professional who truly cares about her clients. I have recommended her to everyone in my circle.

Y. Harris

Detox Program

Sarah B., 1-on-1 Client Program

My main goal when I began working with Jamie was to work through my fatigue and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis symptoms. I wasn’t finding any hope with doctors and I needed help navigating through other options. What helped me the most was learning how to be more proactive in working with my doctor by taking control of my care, getting proper lab tests, being prepared with questions to ask my doctor and keeping all of my records.

Sarah B.

1-on-1 Client Program

You are NOT Crazy, and your Symptoms are NOT all in your head!

You are not expecting your illness to go away.  You just want to be able to manage your symptoms and get more control over your body and have a life with a more normalcy.

Tons of energy

Better Sleep

No more upset stomach

No more aching joints

I want this for you!  

Together we can walk on your journey to better health and a better quality of life with autoimmune disease.

The Autoimmune Health Restoration System will help you finally break FREE of the shackles placed on you by your autoimmune symptoms!

Here’s What the Course Includes

Pre Work

This is where we provide you with the information and tools to set you up for success. In this module, I’ll give you the overview of how the course works, what you can expect, and how to get the most out of the program


Look for a program that is at least one year in length, that has teachers you respect and admire, and that will also teach you the business aspect of health coaching. While you can find companies that hire health coaches, and that is a good first step, you will ultimately earn more if you go the entrepreneurial route.  I highly recommend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, because it meets all those criteria.

Getting Started

Here is where we set the foundation for lasting change and optimal health as we begin your journey to thriving and not just surviving with autoimmune disease. Let’s be real…..this is not just a diet. This is a lifestyle change where a dramatic shift in how you think needs to take place. In this module we address self-awareness so we can address any potential barriers to success in the program and get clarity on not only what you from the program, but on what you want for your life for years to come.

Module 1: The Dangers of Choice

In this Module we review the choices and behaviors that impact autoimmune health and then you will be guided through a behavior and wellness assessments that exposes areas that may be impacting your autoimmune disease.

Module 2: The Habitual Practice Health Program

In this Module we move back to go forward by strategically working through the Autoimmune Protocol. We assess the optimal way for you to individually walk-through AIP so that you can get guidance, support and answers to questions that may have deterred your success in the past. You will be guided through Steps 1-3 of AIP with the help of me as your coach and strategist and support from others who are going through the program with you. In addition, you will receive additional support for the habits you need to amend based on your assessments from Phase 1.

Module 3: The Autoimmune Wellness Circle

In this Module we discuss the next steps and we move into our recurring monthly program. Although AIP is a structured elimination and reentry program, everybody’s experience is different and it may take longer for you to determine what is triggering your autoimmune symptoms nutritionally.

At the end of the three months, you are still supported on your journey with the support of a health coach no matter what stage in the process you are in.

In the Autoimmune Wellness Circle is where we also address the lifestyle habits that impact your autoimmune disease. Here we use your assessments from your pre-work to tailor your autoimmune wellness path in order to optimize your results AND help support you in maintaining (The Maintenance Phase) the results you obtained by completing the protocol.

Jamie Martin

The Natural HEALing Coach

I am the Founder and CEO of The Natural Healing Coach, LLC. Jamie has established herself as a leading expert in the health & wellness industry as a certified holistic health & certified autoimmune strategist, certified fitness instructor, and health & wellness motivational speaker.

In a time where self-love, body awareness, and inner healing reign supreme, my success in managing autoimmune disease has provided hard-won and extremely valuable first-hand knowledge on integrative wellness solutions. 

My experience and methodology have proven to reduce pain, improve energy, increase productivity, and manage stress.

Holistic approach and the results derived from it, led me to coach others with autoimmune disease on the verge of losing faith in conventional healthcare and cookie cutter wellness solutions. 

Her clients have gained confidence, achieved better relationships with food, and discovered the keys that unlock their freedom from being shackled to their disease.

Through my coaching program, I help support type-A, overachiever, workaholics struggling with chronic health issues who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I help them identify what might be triggering their symptoms, empowering them to value their choices, take control of their bodies and gain freedom and balance through healthy eating and active living.


  • Certified Holistic Health Coach 
  • Certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach
  • Certified Life Coach 
  • Certified Fitness Instructor

So what makes The Autoimmune Health RESTORATION Program Different?

Other Programs…..
Assume that a guided program and coach alone are enough for success with the Autoimmune Protocol without addressing limiting beliefs and the dangerous choices that will stifle progress.

The Autoimmune Health RESTORATION Program…

Removes barriers of self-sabotage and negative self-talk that may hinder your progress in the program by first guiding you through self-reflection exercises prior to starting the programs.

Often times those of us with autoimmune disease are so busy just trying to function that we don’t take the time to understand why we are doing certain things – or not doing them. This lack of self-awareness is a hinderance to building the healthy habits that will help reverse autoimmune disease progression.

Other Programs…..
Focus initially and primarily on nutrition.

The Autoimmune Health RESTORATION Program…

Focuses on the whole person starting with establishing a growth mindset, creating a vision of your life and, goal setting and action planning in all areas of life…including nutrition.

Other Programs…..
Have a set timeframe in which to complete the protocol without consideration of bio-individuality and the differences time you may need to get through the elimination and reintroduction stages.

The Autoimmune Health RESTORATION Program…

Is a structured but flexible program that keeps the needs of the individual in mind. No matter where you are in the autoimmune recovery process, you are provided with support and guidance for as long as you need it for whatever stage you are in by way of The Autoimmune Wellness Circle. In addition, you are provided on-going maintenance support so that you can continue to make health improvements and not lose the progress you made during the 3-month period.