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June 15, 2022 at 2:oopm CST | Online

Join Certified AIP Coaches for a monthly discussion on how to raise AWARENESS, promote ADVOCACY and take ACTION to ELIMINATE  inequities that are barriers to success on AIP for the BIPOC community.

About AIP BIPOC Roundtables

Centuries of racism in this country has had a profound and negative impact on communities of color. The impact is pervasive and deeply embedded in our society—affecting where one lives, learns, works, worships and plays and creating inequities in access to a range of social and economic benefits—such as housing, education, wealth, and employment.

These conditions—often referred to as social determinants of health —are key drivers of health inequities within communities of color, placing those within these populations at greater risk for poor health outcomes.

In relation to autoimmune disease, the root causes are complex and genetics  can play a role, but we KNOW that environment (including food, toxins, stress, etc.) can all be triggers for autoimmunity.

As a person with autoimmune disease and as a certified autoimmune coach have begun to do the work of educating my community about the WHAT and the WHY of getting an autoimmune diagnoses and implementing AIP lifestyle changes, but that does no good if I make no effort to help them with the HOW.

We can shout to the mountains the importance of getting to the root cause and ELIMINATING harmful (trigger/inflammatory) foods from our diet, but if we sit idly by without recognizing the need to ELIMINATE food deserts, to expand opportunities and access to health education, to educate doctors about how to better diagnose and treat the BIPOC community, to advocate to require safe & toxin free neighborhoods that aren’t used as dumping grounds in lower income communities and address the centuries worth of trauma, on-going stress and mental health issues that are specific to the BIPOC community, then how can we actually make an impact in the lives with those with autoimmune disease in the communities who need us the most.

The roundtable is just the start of a conversation.  AWARENESS, ADVOCACY and ACTION is the goal. Be sure you don’t miss this conversation and opportunity to both learn and share your insights on this important topic.

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Meet Our Panelists for June 15th

Jamie Nicole
Jamie Nicole

Sybil Cooper
Sybil Cooper